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Your Friendly Neighborhood Deviant Teacher

Educator, advocate & life-long learner passionate about helping others achieve a fulfilled and enjoyable work-life experience by inspiring them to embrace their strengths and weaknesses.

Helping You Recognize

the Greatness Within You!

If you feel unappreciated and overlooked, it's time to stop looking for superficial external cues and start looking within. Teachers will never get the recognition they deserve. You need to see your worth regardless of what others think, say, or don't say, about us. You have value. You have a special gift and perspective that only you possess. No award can give that to you. No lack of an award can take it away. Once you start living your life with purpose, you will start being appreciated and rewarded for your authenticity and passion...it did for me!

Deviant Teacher Award
Charmara Testimony

Nancy is always concerned about the well being and mindset of others. For example, she was adamant about voicing how filling out multiple Action Plans [for failures] may make a student feel. In addition, seasonal locker decorations for her [middle school] homeroom are a constant reminder that they are thought about.

Charmara Davis

2019 Teacher of the Year
Darlene 2

Nancy was always supportive to me as a middle school teacher! Her understanding the link between being organized and being successful is key to me. Her expertise and passion to serve helped make the annual Science and Math Expo a great community event.

Darlene Cornacchia

Fellow Deviant Teacher


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lndividualized Approach to Each Person and Organization!

Just how our students need differentiation, so do we! Find out how I can help you and/or your school revive your passion and purpose by embracing your differences.

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