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Work Life Balance

Be Deviant. Be unapologetically YOUnique!

Were you once all gung-ho and motivated to go to work and change the world one child at a time? And now you feel overworked, overwhelmed and just over it? You're not alone, this is normal...crazy right? To think, teacher burnout is not an if but a when! It can get better. You can revive your passion to teach and inspire others. And believe it or not, it starts with putting yourself first.

"When you aim to please others or fit into societal norms, you slowly lose who you are. Without knowing it, you become resentful, unmotivated and lose sight of your purpose. It doesn't have to be that way."

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Embrace Your Uniqueness

Creating a Work-Life Experience You Love



In-person and online workshops for teachers and staff, of different topics and lengths, to fit your needs which will help move them from feeling overwhelmed and burned-out to calm and in-control.


Keynotes & Talks

Keynote speeches and talks for staff meetings, professional development, and conferences, that will motivate and recharge educators in a way that empowers them to be the best version of themselves.


Event Planning

Planning, consulting and/or "Done-For-You" creation of your next school professional development day, big or small. Packages and resources also available. 

Are you ready to take the next step?

Learn how you can get back to being the educator (and more importantly, person) you used to be; for you, your students, family and friends.


“You are a different teacher in a unique way; you were open to share your thoughts and feelings about situations in also, but also outside of school. I learned more than just science, but to help others who are farther away than jut sin our community...You have also inspired me to love doing arts and crafts as hobby which really releases my stress and worries to make a masterpiece...Thank you for all you have done to prepare me as a student including to be who I am and not afraid to share my feelings and opinions.”

Kevin T. - Letter from an alumni '18


“I wanted to tell you how important you were to me in 8th grade. I remember when we would learn the dances for all the shows...Performing the dances on stage were some of my happiest memories...You were always kind and funny and so involved in politics. You really opened my eyes to everything that happens in the world!”

Aida S. - Letter from an alumni '18

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